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yWorld Smart Apps

The complete and affordable answer to intergrating and communicating buisiness data fast

Use the unique, Australian I.T Operating Platform, which integrates and interrelates all business data into one mobile Operating System.

In the workplace, yWorld achieves this through Smart Apps which:

Can be developed QUICKLY
and inexpensively, either for an upfront price or licence fee

Can link all the sales data
with all of the operational data of your business, no matter how complex

Will work through either
Smartphones or Tablets - Android or Apple or Desktop

Can integrate
existing business software programs with the yWorld Operating Platform and Smart Apps

Offers all the functionality
GPS Position, Credit card payment/gateway, Containing media content, CRM and Operational performance data and analysis

No Servers
Work directly with the Cloud

More than just code

yWorld provides real world business objects that extend into any business alongside a CRM that lets you capture and segment a database down to specific product and services level. Send real time, targeted app updates, multimedia mobile and email messages with a click of a button and get information straight to their devices, no matter where they are.

yWorld's integrated business dashboard is the icing on the cake and lets you build customised charts, maps and reports that show you the information that matters most to you.

Not only can businesses be advantaged by this IT revolution but membership organisations, schools, manufacturing, industrial, retail and media companies can also use the Smart Apps to transform their activities to be completely digitised and accessible everywhere.By special arrangement, organisations can use this unique technology under their own brand and develop their own Smart Apps. To code in yWorld all you need is a browser, yWorld handles the rest.


Businesses have to keep up with technology, but are often frozen in their current technologies.

Because yWorld works with open web technologies and is in the cloud, change becomes the norm.


Developers just want to code but spend too much time setting up their environments, both development and production.

To code in yWorld all you need is a browser, yWorld handles the rest.


Customers want to interact with a business and be given more choice.

yWorld allows customers to follow or opt in on anything allowing your database to manage itself.